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About BMC SEAFOOD Sp. z o.o.

The BMC was established in 1990 as a trading firm. At the beginning Company dealt with trade in fish and fish products.

In November 1993 we started the production of canned fish. Initially the offer contained 12 products manufactured mainly from raw materials procured from local fishermen.

Over the years we were gradually increasing the offer of fish cans on domestic market, both traditional canned fish assortment and new products in innovative packaging, often as a pioneer in Poland. Currently BMC product catalog includes over 70 different assortments of canned fish such as sprat, herring, mackerel, salmon and tuna, with the raw material used in manufacture coming not only from the Baltic Sea but also from the fisheries of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

BMC constantly expanded the scope of offered services. In 2011 Company launched a flagship store, which in addition to all types of production cans, offers a wide selection of fresh and frozen, marine and freshwater fish, salted and smoked fish products.

Since 2012 we have extended production activities to smoked and salted fish. Thanks to the rigorous quality standards and the use of new smoking chambers meeting all European standards, we are confident that we smoke fish which is tasty and, above all, safe for the health of the consumer.

With the growth in the production, development of the plant and considerable increase of employment, production and technical staff gathered the necessary experience. Today BMC employs ca. 150 people, many of whom are with the Company from the beginning. Under the supervision of highly skilled workers and using strict technological regimes characterizing each production batch, tens of thousands of canned fish and a few hundred pounds of smoked fish of the highest class, leave our plant every day.

Quality is our motto.

Our main goal is to produce healthy and tasty food protected over time for a long, to make our customers satisfied. Preserving food by using high temperature is a very natural process which does not require any preservatives. We use only raw materials and ingredients with the highest quality certificates, additionally controlled by us not only at the moment of purchase but also during the production process.

BMC - Best Made Cans.

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